Engagement Photographer In Bel Air

I really enjoyed being Michael and Bridget’s engagement photographer in Bel Air! As a portrait-driven photographer, and a lover of all things romantic, I always enjoy making engagement shoots. Of course I love capturing the electricity between 2 people in love, but these engagement sessions allow me discover a couple without all of the day-of pressure. I get to see who they really are together.

Michael and Bridget have been together since high school and they’re about to tie the knot. They’re both athletic and love the water. For this reason we decided to make their pics poolside at my friend Laurent’s beautiful home in the Bel Air Hills of los Angeles. It was a sunny warm Southern California day, so warm we had to hose down the stones before the couple could lay down on them. Michael and Bridget have so much electricity between them, from 50 ft away you can just tell they’re madly in love, so I didn’t need to direct them too much, I just threw them in the pool and started snapping. I would give them suggestions like, “Stand face to face….look at each other.” Click. “Put your arms around her Michael. Pull her closer. Closer.” Click. “Ok Bridget, look at Michael and know that he’s just about to kiss you…how does that feel?” Click. You get the idea. Ok, so here are some of my personal favorites from that sexy engagement shoot. Enjoy!


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