Engagement Photographer In Paris

It’s no secret, I love being an engagement photographer in Paris. Because let’s face it, there’s no more romantic place to be kissed than in Paris, in spring. My father is a lover of black and white photography, and one of the photographers he collects is the French master Cartier Bresson. On the wall above our stairway, next to the grandfather clock, hangs a framed silver gelatin print by Bresson from the 60’s. The image is of a French couple kissing across a small outdoor cafe table, with the couple’s dog looking up at them from under the table. It’s a stunning black and white portrait, one that celebrates the passion and commitment the couple exudes for one another.

Working as a wedding and engagement photographer in Paris, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion that a city like Paris exudes. When I made this engagement photography session with a young French couple a few years ago in Paris I’m sure I had Bresson’s photograph in my subconscious mind. I knew I wanted to make a photograph that was more than just a couple kissing in Paris, I was going for something passionate and truly iconic. Like the Bresson portrait, I wanted this kiss to mean everything.

That spring day, as the sun cascaded behind the trees, golden rays of warm sunshine spilling across the soft green grass of the Champs de Mars, perfectly framed by the northern arch of the Eiffel Tower, I asked for one last kiss…and it lasted forever. Bisou!


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