Framed Prints And Wedding Albums

In this day of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the myriad of social media outlets, fewer and fewer people are choosing the magic and the staying power of printed media. I think that’s a shame. These digital resources have their place and have made “sharing” of images easy and efficient, but when it comes to one of your life’s most defining moments, there’s no substitute for a beautifully framed print, or an artfully executed wedding or event album. Framed prints and wedding albums are still the best way to share such a special day. Think about it, how often will people will ask you to open up your wedding pictures file on your computer or Ipad and sit through hundreds of images? In the future when you want to remember or share those moments will they be easily accessible? Your framed archival fine art print on your wall (or album) will remind you of your special day every time you pass it in your foyer, bedroom, or living room. People will see it and they’ll relive that day with you again, even if only for a moment.

Every Studio JLK Weddings framed print is professionally retouched then printed on archival gallery fine art paper. Framing is done by hand using pure white archival mattes and adhesives. These prints will stand the test of heat, humidity and time itself. Consider printed mediums for your wedding or event…because you’re worth it.

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