Loeb Boathouse Engagement Photography

I captured this romantic Central Park engagement photography session with Karen and Matt at one on New York City’s best wedding venues, the Loeb Boathouse. A Loeb Boathouse engagement photography session is always special, it’s just that great a venue. Inside there’s soft light filtering in from the charming lake outside. Adding some reflector and a touch of flash to fill in the shadows, the couple looked incredible. Outside you have trees and rocks that line the lake, rowboats, shady oak trees and much more. There are so many gorgeous settings and backdrops. Karen told me, “Just an FYI…Matt REALLY doesn’t like having his picture taken, so I hope you’re up for the challenge.” Everyone had a blast on this shoot, Matt included. Being late November it was chilly and a bit cloudy, but we had a lot of fun making these pictures!

When they saw the pictures Karen sent me this email:

“Hi Joshua,

Thank you so much! We really had a great time on our shoot with you and we are excited to have you with us on our wedding day. Matt no longer has concerns with being in front of the camera, so great job on your part in making him feel comfortable and me as well! I finally had the time to look the pictures over, a few dozen times! hah, no but really! I honestly could not be happier with the pictures. all the colors one, the colors were absolutely stunning. the black and white all look so classic and polished. You’re literally the BEST!

Thanks again, Karen & Matt”

Here are a few of the client’s selects….

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