Long Island Wedding At The Old Field Club

I can’t tell you how much I adore this charming Long Island wedding at The Old Field Club. Sarah and Randy finish each other’s sentences (I counted 4 times,) and seem to know exactly what the other is thinking and feeling at every moment. Randy is a top cop and most of his groomsmen are Navy Seals and some of New York’s finest law enforcement officers. Truly the best of the best. But what a relaxed and funny group of guys! Their antics kept me and my assistants laughing all day. Sarah was such a joy to work with, she was just cool and calm and you could tell she was really enjoying the day instead of getting caught up in the usual wedding whirlwind. My favorite tradition at law enforcement weddings is the music of the Police Bagpipers and we were all treated to this incredible sound as we exited the church for the receiving line. For me this was one of the real highlights of a perfect wedding day!

The Old Field Club is a wonderful venue for a Long Island Wedding, with it’s wooden vaulted ceilings and location right on the water. I’m looking forward to working there again!


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