Loeb Boathouse Wedding

We had a lot of fun at this Loeb Boathouse Wedding! Childhood sweethearts, Karen and Matt finally decided to make it official with a November black tie wedding at one of New York City’s best venues, Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse. Many of Karen’s family flew in from Peru for their New York City Wedding and I can promise you, with certainty, the Peruvians know how to party! Add Peru to my bucket list. The ceremony at the beautiful Loeb Boathouse was an exercise in elegance and the dancing that followed was pushed to it’s absolute limit by the driving beats and melodic vocals of the highly talented and charismatic band 45 Riots. Hire them for their trombonist alone, because he puts on a show that keeps the dance floor hot hot hot!

A Loeb Boathouse wedding is always a great idea. While New York City is brimming with world class wedding and event venues, situated on a charming lake in Central Park, there really is nothing like this venue. Beyond the uniqueness of the venue, the event staff are a finely tuned machine and they’re always coming up with new and creative possibilities for their wedding planners and brides.


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