Rio De Janeiro

One of my favorite editorials to date has to be the fashion/travel story I shot for Wallpaper Magazine in Rio De Janeiro. This was my first trip to Brasil and I just loved it! Rio De Janiero is my kind of place. I adore the laid back charm of the people, the warm climate, the encroaching nature and the electricity that makes Rio De Janeiro such a magnetic destination.

We wanted to show the city from the POV of the locals, so instead of hiring models, we scouted people on the beaches, in the bars, and out and about. We decked them out in designer labels and photographed them at some of the most interesting spots around the city. One of the people we photographed was Carlos DeSouza, the head of P.R. for Valentino. We found him on the beach at Ipanema, the very same beach where he first met the designer Valentino 3 decades earlier, a chance meeting that would change his life forever. At the time I had no idea how my own chance meeting with Carlos would later change my life in so many wonderful ways, but that’s another story.

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