Olivier Picasso At The Museum Of Modern Art In NYC

Ever since the Picasso family began collecting my fine art photography Olivier Picasso and I have become dear friends. One of Pablo Picasso’s 2 grandsons, Olivier is a lawyer, television personality, and producer. He also manages all of the licensing of the Picasso name and, along with his sister Diana, oversees every important exhibition of his grandfather’s work worldwide. Olivier is not only a wonderful human being, he’s also an incredible host with a wicked sense of humor. So I was truly excited when he asked me to photograph his author’s portrait for his new book (his 2nd) about his grandfather at MOMA in NYC. Olivier wanted to be photographed in front of one of his grandfather’s most famous cubist oil paintings “Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon,” which the master painter and sculptor created in Paris in 1907.

Arriving at MOMA at 9am with my team I would only have an hour to enter the museum, set up and test my lighting, and complete the sitting with Olivier before the museum opened to the general public. It was such fun working with my friend Olivier, and so incredible to have the museum’s Picasso wing as our studio. We literally stopped shooting as people began flooding into the exhibition. Talk about precision timing! After that we went down to the museum’s restaurant and shot some less formal portraits for Olivier’s press needs. Below I posted a kind letter from Olivier.

“Hello Joshua,

Thank you very much for the first images. I am proud of you. I am going to
make the selection tomorrow and will tell you.

You’re better than a plastic surgeon.


Olivier Picasso”


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